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If you want to registration, please send me picture to me with below contents.

Your Name :
Country & City :
Band Name :
Your Euphonium's Maker :
Your Mouthpiece :
e-mail and Home Page address (If you make open):
Your Photo (jpg, bmp or gif. I am waiting for your funny pictures !)

Of course, also Baritone (Eng.), Bb Tenorhorn (Ger.), Bariton (Ger.) and Saxhorn Basse (Fra.) players are OK !
Let's link and enjoy !

023 024
Kopp Victor
Dominik Peter
Travis Hyde
(Lubbock, TX, USA)
Texas Tech University
Euphonium's Maker Besson Sovereign 967 Besson Sovereign 967 Yamaha 842S
Mouthpiece Denis Wick  4AL - Denis Wick SM4
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Entry, Update 2004.02.16 2004.06.16 2005.02.08

025 026 027 028
Tom Ball
(Denver, CO USA)
Kanako Toyo
Daughter of Tetsu "Tex" Toyo
(Chiba, JAPAN)
Kevin Mackenzie
BA(hons) LRSM
(Cornwall, ENGLAND)
Jan van den Brandt
The Tom Ball Quartet Chi-Bari'n Tu Bodmin Band
Brighouse & Rastrick
St. Caecilia Bavel
YAMAHA YEP-321S Willson TA2900BS/GP Besson 967 Willson 2950 TA
DOUG ELLIOT 100rimFcupF4shank DEG BB1BT
Denis Wick SM4
Oldroyd & Hudson Plexiglass Mouthpiece Vincent Bach 6,5 AL
Jazz Euphonium TexBox South West Tuba Quartet Jan van den Brandt
2005.03.20 2005.05.07 2005.05.17 2005.07.14

029 030 031 032
Raul Moreno Escobar
(San Antonio, TX/Albuquerque, NM USA)
Tore Simonsen
(Oslo, Norway)
Thor-Arne Pedersen
(Bergen, Norway)
John Hamilton
(Perthshire, Scotland)
Texas State University-San Marcos
(Now free)
Sagene Janitsjarorkester Manger Musikklag and Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra Kingdom Brass
Willson 2900BS,
Trombone: King 4B Sonorous
Besson sovereign 967 Besson Besson Prestige BE2052
Trombone DEG BB2BT or BACH 6 1/2AL
Denis Wick 4AL
Vincent Bach 6 1/12 AL
Bach 3G (homemade) Denis Wick SM 3.5 Gold
Homepage coming soon...hopefully - Thor-Arne Pedersen -
2005.08.06 2005.08.10 2006.07.22 2006.07.22

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